Things Worth Sharing

Their ‘Friday Night Boogie’ playlist will blow your socks off if you’re having an Easter Weekend isolation party.

I thought I’d share a few things I’m in to at the minute.

Rediscovering Gili Air

In October this year,  I finally made it back to the island and was blown away by what I found. The contrast to my previous visit was startling. The calmness and quiet that had settled over the island was incredible. But I don’t think the locals would agree.

By Far The Maddest Team The World Has Ever Seen!

Liverpool are the maddest side in the world! While you’ve all been toasting to another incredible European night in Liverpool and sleeping off the after effects of a game like that, I’ve had all day to think about it. I’ve been sat in Melbourne, thinking! All day! In fact since 4am this morning when I…

Climbing Adam’s Peak

It was a beautiful sight as we looked above us and tried to decide where the lights ended and the stars began.


Paradise is a word that I throw around quite a bit. I guess i’m lucky enough to have seen some beautiful places. But believe me when I say that Talalla Beach was paradise.

Off The Rails – Colombo to Matara

As a golden sun slowly rose over Colombo, the silence of the morning was deafening. After a hot and uncomfortable night in the hostel, we left at 6am for an early morning stroll. It’s incredible the difference you see in a city when you watch it waking up. We passed ageing mechanics opening up their…

Colombo – Blowing Out The Cobwebs

I’ll admit, it took me a little while to settle back in to life as a backpacker. It seemed as though I’d become a little too accustomed to city life in Melbourne, where latte’s are always on hand and things run at a somewhat orderly pace.   Asia has a unique way of reminding you…

Crikey, It’s Christmas

Growing up I never thought I’d see the day when my first thought on Christmas morning is ‘where’s the sun-cream?’