Picking Sides

Yet this year, after moving to Australia and despite all my misgivings about picking, I found myself with a clean slate of AFL teams to choose from and I was utterly dumbfounded.

East Coast Road Trip – Noosa

From here it was only a short walk around the point to Little Cove where we watched the surfers crowding the quiet bay, all waiting for that perfect ride back to shore.

East Coast Road Trip – Rockhampton

It was still before 7am when we parked up at the nearest Mcdonald’s and while one of us ordered coffee’s the other had a wet wipe wash in the bathroom and changed in to fresh clothes.

Trails and Tales – A Walking Tour Of Saigon

It occurred to me lately, after spending a year living in a new city, that I’d become fixated on its current state. Finding my feet within a new culture had required a leap of faith. All of my energy was focused on catching up, and then keeping pace with the whirlwind adventure I’d latched onto. Living…

5 Lessons I’ve Learnt About Adventure Travel

1) Be prepared On the morning of my deep dive training it was wonderfully sunny. Cruising out to the dive site I sat on the top deck of our little vessel completely distracted by the scene around me. On the lower deck, other divers scrambled around assembling their equipment. We were advised that we’d be…

Kruger: A Feast of Lions

Before heading off on Safari I was constantly asked, “what animals are you looking forward to seeing the most?” My answer was always the same, “everything, anything…all of them!” Not a single animal would disappoint me. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of them. Being brought up in Wigan my upbringing wasn’t filled…