Trails and Tales – A Walking Tour Of Saigon

It occurred to me lately, after spending a year living in a new city, that I'd become fixated on its current state. Finding my feet within a new culture had required a leap of faith. All of my energy was focused on catching up, and then keeping pace with the whirlwind adventure I'd latched onto. Living... Continue Reading →


Kruger: A Feast of Lions

Before heading off on Safari I was constantly asked, "what animals are you looking forward to seeing the most?" My answer was always the same, "everything, anything...all of them!" Not a single animal would disappoint me. I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of them. Being brought up in Wigan my upbringing wasn't filled... Continue Reading →

Kruger: In Two Shakes of a Lion’s Tail

I've spent the last week re-writing 'War and Peace'. My version detailed a gripping journey through the beautiful Kruger National Park. I described every animal with an artists precision and relived my journey by describing every bump in the road. Re-reading my 'masterpiece', I quickly realised that I'd written a diary entry...and nobody wants to... Continue Reading →

Chasing The Big Five – Mjejane Game Drive

The big five! Not necessarily Africa's biggest animals, nor the rarest or the most ferocious. The term 'Big 5' actually refers to the animals most coveted by 19th century, white, colonial hunters. Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard. They were the most sought after prizes, the trophy kills. They became the most dangerous animals to... Continue Reading →

Jumping Bloukrans Bridge

Five"... "Bloody hell they got me here fast, my toes are so far over the edge they might as well just dangle me over." "Four"... "Wow, the gorge really looks beautiful at sunset." "Three"... "Well, I guess it's too late to back out now." "Two"... "Right OK, if I'm doing this, I at least need... Continue Reading →

On Our Way – South Africa 

Before each new trip I find myself juggling the nauseating concoction of excitement and apprehension. They are much the same but cause greatly differing reactions. Today I am taking on a new adventure, a new continent and a new country. Today I travel to South Africa. It’s a country synonymous with conflict and corruption yet... Continue Reading →

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