Paradise is a word that I throw around quite a bit. I guess i’m lucky enough to have seen some beautiful places. But believe me when I say that Talalla Beach was paradise.

Colombo – Blowing Out The Cobwebs

I’ll admit, it took me a little while to settle back in to life as a backpacker. It seemed as though I’d become a little too accustomed to city life in Melbourne, where latte’s are always on hand and things run at a somewhat orderly pace.   Asia has a unique way of reminding you…

10 Ways To Improve Your Campervan Road Trip

At the wheel we controlled out trip. No waiting for busses or trains. We cooked under the stars and slept with the sound of the ocean lapping in our ears. We moved on when we were ready and forged our own route. But it isn’t always plain sailing. At times it can be challenging and I guess this is what makes the adventure worthwhile.

Phu Quoc, Part 1 – Riding North

Fresh Air has become an illusive figure in my life. I never used to notice it. Air was air. But now everything I write has this recurring theme. Fresh air. I crave it. And so in another quest to escape the polluted cauldron of Ho Chi Minh City, we packed our bags and headed to…

10 Lost Pleasures Of Vietnam.

They say the best things in life are free! Piercing the seal of a coffee jar, finding money in a pair of old jeans or watching a friend take a tumble. Immense pleasures in the simplest form. Life’s full of these moments, but often we take them for granted. In October I moved to Vietnam…